Welcome to Environmental Awareness Week! EAW 2019 October 14 – 18, 2019

Environmental Awareness Week is CannonDesign’s annual celebration of smart ideas, innovative technologies and iconoclastic thinkers that help guide our progress toward becoming a regenerative practice. CannonDesign invites you to join us in our offices to learn with us and be inspired by our keynote speakers.


CannonDesign's commitment to organize Environmental Awareness Week year after year since 2003 is informed by a collective spirit of generosity to our clients, our employees, our profession, and our communities. Our goal and motivation is to immerse our staff, clients, and the building industry in a week-long conversation about sustainable ideas that have a meaningful impact on our daily lives.


If you’ve been a part of our event in the past, then we hope you will join us again for a series of revealing, thought-provoking and entertaining discussions. If you haven’t had a chance to join us for Environmental Awareness Week, we hope you will be inspired by past presentations shared here and will join us this October.

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